Khamis, 22 Julai 2010

Update Dina Hearing

Day 1, Monday:
Hasri Md Noor is still missing.
Lawyers of Pan Phoenix Dina and its Directors withdraw from representing their clients.
Judge gives Dina till Tuesday to decide what they will do next.

Day 2, Tuesday:
The two Directors, Azlan Yussof and Hamid Simpol change their plea to plead guilty.
A newspaper releases inaccurate report on Prosecution's stance, because NO AGREEMENT between Prosecution and Dina was ever made regarding Compensation etc.

Day 3, Wednesday:
Judge consolidates Dina's 25 Charges of Illegal Deposit Taking to 1 Charge. Consolidate = "Di Sepadu kan".
Judge adjourns PPD trial to 27th and Directors trial to 29th.
Another newspaper releases inaccurate report that the Queen's Counsel will not seek compensation on behalf of depositors. Compensation is up to the judge.

Please ensure you get correct information from the Ministry of Finance or by attending the trials.


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